Married, Filing Jointly: The Colonoscopy

Strategies and guidance for surviving the long-term relationship. The Infraction: It’s the day before your colonoscopy.  You’re restricted to a liquid diet of black coffee, broth, water, jello and popsicles.  But the hitch is that you can’t have anything that’s red, … Continue reading

Going To The Post Office Sucks

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There were 15 people ahead of me at the post office.  That equals something like 6 switchbacks in the Space Mountain line.  I joined the herd to wait it out, checking the weather on my iPhone and deleting spam to kill time. After a while I … Continue reading

Coca-Cola: The International Language

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If I could use only one word to describe the mental giants who are arguing the patriotism of Coca Cola’s recent “America The Beautiful” commercial I would pick the word obtuse.  Or maybe uninformed.  I also like nonconversant, boorish and … Continue reading

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up to Reach the Brownies

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This is not a made-up story.  This is a cautionary tale. Recently I blocked out an hour of my day to meet with a contractor to go over some projects at the house.   We weren’t reinventing the wheel.  Just … Continue reading